Zedmed Cloud

Zedmed Cloud is Coming

Zedmed is the most powerful and feature-rich Practice Management System available. As medical practices evolve, how and where you access Zedmed becomes as important as the functionality it provides. Zedmed is building solutions that provide not only deep functionality but complete flexibility in how and where you work.

Cloud technology has long promised to offer this flexibility, but the technology has brought with it a compromise in functionality and performance, two areas that are critical to practice operations. 

In early 2021, Zedmed will be bringing you a cloud product that provides all the benefits of Cloud, without the compromise.

The best of Zedmed, with no compromise.

Zedmed Cloud brings you the exact same Zedmed you experience now, with all the functionality and performance you've come to expect, but removes the need for hosting on-premise and allows you to access the product wherever you have access to an internet connection.

We are using an Application-as-a-Service model (AaaS). You still use the same Zedmed client on your local machine, but all data is sent and received from a database hosted in the cloud. All your key product updates, backups, disaster recover and general maintenance tasks are also handled by Zedmed for you. 

Can I transfer to Zedmed Cloud from another system?

Zedmed has a skilled internal team and custom tools that allow for the conversion of practice data from most major competitors. And if you are an existing Zedmed user the transition to the Zedmed Cloud is as simple as migrating your data to a new server. 

Will you still support Zedmed's on-premise product?

Zedmed and Zedmed Cloud use the same codebase, so both will be updated and developed simultaneously. The existing Zedmed product will take advantage of the code efficiency optimisations that are underway and perform better than ever.

When will Zedmed Cloud be available?

We are planning to have Zedmed Cloud available in the first quarter of 2021. To register your interest in the product, please register in the following form and you will be the first to receive updates.


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