Zedmed Version 30.2 Released - Updated 22/3

22 March, 2019
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Zedmed V30

CITRIX & TERMINAL SERVICES USERS PLEASE NOTE - We are aware of an issue with the installation of 30.2 in Citrix environments.  We are currently investigating.

Available Now!

We're excited to announce that Zedmed Version 30 is now available as a FREE update for all Zedmed subscribers.  

Visit the customer portal where you can download the V30 upgrade files and full release notes.  If you need assistance, documentation on how to update Zedmed can be found here.

If you need further assistance, our friendly support team are available on 1300 933 000, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday's 9am to 1pm.

Update - Version 30.2 released.

Zedmed Version 30.2 is now available.  This release contains numerous performance improvements, bug fixes and introduces application support for some exciting new functionality coming soon to Zedmed.  Details of the release are below.

Performance and Usability

  • Added Auto-Save functionality to Clinical.  Open patients will be able to be re-opened if the Application did not close correctly. Encounter details (including notes) are now saved every minute.
  • Fixed a sporadic hanging transaction issue caused sometimes when checking access permissions or updating the cancellation waiting list.
  • Improved performance of Intramail in Office

Enhanced support of SafeScript - currently being trialled in Victoria (more info on SafeScript here)

  • Users will now be able to capture AHPRA numbers for Doctors, and now will be prompted to enter the AHPRA number when prescribing if it is not already captured.
  • The AHPRA number is now sent to MediSecure for SafeScript.
  • Users will now be able to select eRx or Medisecure as their default ePrescribing provider in Global Options.

Doctor's App Security Management

  • Security has been a major consideration in the development of the upcoming Doctor's App, which is coming soon for iOS and Android users.  The 30.2 update contains key setup and security features required for Zedmed to be able to securely connect users to the app, including :
    • A new field in Practice Settings to capture an API gateway key.
    • A 'Mobile Phone' field added to User Details.  This is used to set the destination number for Two-Factor Authentication of the app user through the use of an OTP (One-Time-Password).
    • Added facility to create and manage App access tokens to Edit Staff Member screen.  This will allow a practice to control whether users have access to information through the Doctor's App or not.


  • HL7 RTF attachments are now displaying correctly within the Results Inbox in the enhanced view.
  • Plain text results are now displaying correctly within the Results Inbox without the additional RTF.

Chronic Disease Management

  • Fixed sort order for ICPC items when linking within Chronic Disease Management plans to now display in alphabetical order.
  • Eligible Chronic Disease Management Plans are now being presented in bold.
  • Chronic Disease Management window now remains as an active window when opening a patient that is eligible for one or more Alert/Management plans.
  • Data Sort of Chronic Disease Management Associated Templates is now alphabetical.


  • Rave Reports and Quick Reports now have Print and Print Setup buttons displayed in the preview window.  
  • Sort order of data displayed on the 'Patient per hour by doctor' report now displays data alphabetically by doctor code.
  • 'Waiting Time by Hour' and 'Waiting Times - Detailed' reports now displays correct data.
  • Patient is now displayed on the 'Wait Time' report after the appointment has been moved from one Doctor to another in the same time slot.
  • Changed the security of 'Booking Wait Times' report to have the same security as the 'Appointment Audit Report'.
  • Fixed error regarding the Treating Doctor criteria selector on the Waiting Times reports. The list is now filtered by branch.

General fixes and updates:

  • Bexsero® vaccine for Meningococcal B has been added to the Childhood Immunisation schedule for South Australian practices.
  • MenB and 4vMenCV are now included in the tab labelled "ACIR Immunisation" Defaults of Global Options.
  • Updated the eRx 2018 PKI certificate.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the ERA Auto Receipt confirmation message.
  • The "Close", "Help" and "Tips" buttons are now correctly displayed on the Home screen.
  • Fixed the 'Export to CSV' button in the statistics report.
  • Formatted the Appointment Grid Time.  Appointment Time has been moved to the far left of the column and to the top of the cell, instead of the middle. Font size has also been increased, and when users zoom in and out of the Appointment Grid, times will adjust accordingly.
  • Fixed Admission toggle option in right click menu of Waiting Room.
  • Open Previous Patent shortcut key in classic Search has been fixed.
  • Fixed error when adding a new file extension in Clinical > Global Options > Communications > General.
  • Letter Writer no longer auto-tabs when users select the 'distribute option on a letter or referral letter.
  • Location of the Date Range Calendar within Referrals fixed for users who have dual monitors.
  • Fixed an issue where Hospital/Sites with an apostrophe [ ' ] in the name were causing errors with Billing.
  • Overdue invoices are now correctly alerted by date.
  • Updated the formatting of the font in the scanning module.
  • Export Family Details window is no longer incorrectly displayed when billing a NOK account payer for the first time.
  • Reinstate Previous IHI button now retrieving the details from the Previous IHI Details.  
  • Fixed issue where the user is required to click in the Patient Warning window to enter text.
  • Fixed issue where the DOB field on the Patient Selector window was cut off.
  • Disabled expiry date selection button when the Account Payer screen is used for searching.  The calendar Control button is now disabled until an Account Payer has been selected.
  • For Practice and Branch Certificates, “Certificate is missing or not valid” message is now visible in full within Global Options.

Version 30 is the first in a series of major releases we are working on, bringing a host of new features and functionality to Zedmed. Scroll on down for more information on the highlights of this release, as well as a preview of the exciting things we'll be bringing to you next!

V30 release highlights

  • A full visual overhaul, for a more modern, fresh feel.
  • Surgical Procedures lists, for the efficient management of theatre bookings.
  • Flexi reporting updates, for customisable reporting of your practice's performance. 
  • API framework implementation, for easier co-development and integration with Zedmed.

More details are available at the V30 feature page.