Join the Zedmed Training Team for weekly Lunch-n-Learn webinar training sessions on Wednesdays from 1-2pm.

Lunch-n-Learns are a great learning tool for both new and experienced users and cover key Zedmed functionality in digestible, bite-sized sessions. 

Sessions are free for Zedmed subscribers.

Please note that participants require an internet connection to access Go To Training.

All Lunch-n-Learn webinars are recorded and will be available each week below.



22/01/2020: Invoice and Receipting

Topics covered include:

  • Add/Remove/Edit a Payer

  • Create an invoice

  • Receipt an Invoice

  • Adjust an invoice

  • Re-Invoice

  • Reversal and Refund



29/01/2020: Items and Fees in Zedmed

  • Adding item number
  • Medicare - Update existing fees
  • DVA & Third party - Update existing fees
  • Adding Private Doctor fees



05/02/2020: Medicare Batching                                                                         

  • Create an invoice
  • Create a batch
  • Transmitting batches
  • Reconciling batches
  • Error when transmitting    



12/02/2020: Eclipse

  • Eclipse Zedmed set up
  • Eclipse billing
  • Eclipse remittance advice
  • Eclipse receipting and adjusting invoice       



Upcoming Lunch-n-Learns

Introduction to Zedmed Clinical

19/02/2020   1-2pm

  • Clinical settings
  • Patient Encounter (overview)
  • Reports in Clinical
  • Scanning
  • Clinical Templates

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Going Further with Clinical

26/02/2020   1-2pm                                                     

  • Doctor’s Waiting Room
  • Results Inbox
  • Patient Encounter (detailed)
  • RFE and Auto Text macros
  • MHR overview

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Templates (Office + Clinical)

11/03/2020   1-2pm

  • How to create/delete templates
  • How to format templates           

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Zedmed Office Reporting                                                                                 

18/03/2020   1-2pm

  • Daily reports
  • Patient reports
  • End of month reports

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Schedule Appointments and Waiting Room                              

25/03/2020   1-2pm

  • Appointment Grid features
  • The Waiting Room
  • Build a Doctor or a Resource schedule