Secure Messaging: The Backbone of Modern Healthcare Communication

In today’s healthcare landscape, where information sharing is critical, secure messaging has become an essential tool for seamless, secure, and confidential communication.  

What is Secure Messaging? 

Imagine a secure digital pipeline, accessible only to authorised users. Inside, sensitive patient data flows, encrypted and shielded from unauthorised access. Secure messaging platforms act as this pipeline, facilitating the exchange of critical information like clinical documents, referral requests, and even direct patient communication. These services ensure that confidential data reaches the intended recipient safely and securely. 

Why is it Vital for Australian Healthcare? 

Secure messaging offers a multitude of benefits, including: 

Enhanced Patient Care:

  • Improved collaboration: Healthcare providers can work together seamlessly, regardless of location, leading to optimised treatment plans and improved patient outcomes. 
  • Reduced errors: Eliminate the risk of miscommunication and ensure accurate information transfer to a registered and authorised recipient 

 Patient Privacy: 

  • Encryption: Data remains unreadable, even while in transit, safeguarding patient privacy at all times. 
  • Access controls: Only authorised healthcare providers can access patient information, preventing unauthorised disclosure. 

Streamlined Workflows: 

  • Increased productivity: Reduce administrative burdens and focus on patient care, leading to more time for direct interaction and treatment. 
  • Improved resource utilisation: Reduce redundancy and manual paperwork to optimise the workflows of healthcare professionals. 

Cost-Effective Solutions: 

  • Reduced administrative overhead: Eliminate paper-based communication and its associated costs, leading to significant savings. 
  • Improved resource utilisation: Healthcare resources are utilised more effectively, enhancing overall value and patient satisfaction. 

A Secure Future: The National Secure Messaging Network (NSMN) 

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) is actively developing the NSMN, a nationwide network designed to improve healthcare communication: 

  • Interoperability: Connect healthcare providers across Australia, regardless of their software systems, fostering seamless collaboration. 
  • Enhanced security: Employ robust security protocols and standards to ensure the highest level of data protection. 
  • Accessibility: Provide a cost-effective and readily accessible solution for all healthcare providers, promoting inclusivity and equity.  

How to go about embracing secure messaging in your practice: 

  • Research: Explore available solutions from commercial entities or the ADHA, including the NSMN. 
  • Evaluate Needs: Identify a platform that aligns with your requirements and budget. 
  • Implement: Collaborate with your IT team to seamlessly integrate the platform into your existing workflow. 
  • Train: Ensure staff are well-versed in the platform’s functionalities and workflows. 

The best way to ensure you are using secure messaging is to talk to your practice management software provider. For example, here at Zedmed we integrate with a range of secure messaging providers including Medical Objects, Argus, Healthlink and ReferralNet. 


Secure messaging forms the backbone of modern healthcare communication in Australia. By fostering secure collaboration, safeguarding patient privacy, and streamlining workflows, it paves the way for a future of efficient, cost-effective, and ultimately, better healthcare for all Australians. With the NSMN on the horizon, the future of secure communication in Australian healthcare is brighter than ever. 


ADHA Secure messaging:

Zedmed Integrations: 

Last updated: 11 December 2023

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