The Doctor's App

The Doctor's App - Update Available Now!

We're excited to announce that a major update to the Doctor's App is now available.

Zedmed clients can now action results from within the app, making it easier to manage your patients wherever you are, whenever you want.

A new, updated Appointments screen will make The Doctor's App more user-friendly and convenient for busy doctors on the go.


The Ultimate Companion for Zedmed Users

The app is designed to be used alongside the Zedmed desktop product, giving you the best of both worlds, with the rich, deep functionality of Zedmed and the quick, streamlined convenience of the Doctor's App.

The Zedmed Doctor’s App uses multiple layers of security to ensure your data and patient privacy are protected.


How To Install The Doctor's App

The Zedmed Doctor's App requires Version 30.2 and above. To take full advantage of the new update requires Version 33 and above.

To authorise The Doctor's App follow the instructions below:

  • Call our Support Team on 1300 933 000 and we’ll install a security management tool on your server alongside your Zedmed installation.
  • Link your phone to your practice through a QR code.
  • The app will then confirm your identity and permissions within the practice using your Zedmed login and password.
  • Finally we confirm that information is sent to the correct device through an SMS authorisation.

Once the initial authorisation is complete, you use either your Zedmed credentials, or a pin number generated through the app to easily log into the Doctor’s App for day-to-day use.

The Zedmed Doctor's App is available for iOS and Android. 

Download on the App Store

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Functional Overview

The Zedmed Training team highlight the key features of the Zedmed Doctor's App.



Desktop Setup

The Zedmed Training outline the steps required on a PC desktop to set up and prepare a practice to use the Doctor's App. These steps are necessary to allow an App user to link their device with the practice's installation of Zedmed and start receiving information.


App Setup

The Zedmed Training team outline the steps required to set up the Doctor's App for the very first time.