Medicare Web Services Update

13 September, 2021
Posted in: Medicare
Medicare Web Services

We understand that you may have recently been contacted by Medicare regarding the shutdown of the current Medicare Adapter, and the move to a new Web Services model in March 2022.
I want to assure you that Zedmed is well on top of this and there is nothing that you need to do at this time. We are well advanced in finalising the development required to enable the new Medicare Web Services model, and to simplify the transition for you.
We will be releasing the updated functionality to you later in the year, well ahead of the March 2022 deadline. To support this rollout we will be providing Q & A Lunch-n-Learn sessions around the end of September to make sure any concerns you have are addressed.
Please feel free to direct any queries you have regarding these changes to our General Manager Tim Deveson, otherwise stay tuned for our upcoming Lunch-n-Learns.