2 guys bumping fists using the Zedmed software on their computer

Zedmed – your way

Zedmed your way

Enjoy the same incredible feature packed software and the same amazing service delivered On-Premise or via the Cloud.

Which one is right for your practice?

Same amazing features, same incredible service. Whether you choose Zedmed On-Premise or Cloud, Zedmed delivers you the same rich functionality and performance.

How do they compare?

All features & modules

All features & modules


Full Zedmed workstation client

Full Zedmed workstation client


Provided by Zedmed

Paid for by the practice

Server database

In a secure cloud environment

On a local, physical server


Managed by Zedmed

Managed by the practice


From anywhere over the internet

From within the practice’s network


Layered protection & encryption

Dependent on practice implementation


Stored in Australia, legally compliant

Stored in Australia, legally compliant


Zedmed implements & manages

Practice implements & manages

Version updates

Performed by Zedmed

Performed by the practice

Fees & MIMs

Automatically updated

Manually updated by the practice

Test results

Managed by Zedmed

Managed by the practice

Zedmed Cloud and On-Premise

Zedmed’s practice management software supports the administrative and clinical needs of doctors and specialists with an easy-to-use suite of modules. The client software is installed on each workstation and connects to a server that can be installed on your own hardware or deployed to the cloud as part of our managed service option.

The Zedmed advantage

Zedmed’s software is made by people with extensive healthcare experience, and the team often works on-site with practices to get first-hand feedback. Our modules and features respond to your needs and support your practice’s workflow instead of trying to change it.

Delivery options

To provide the best fit for your practice, Zedmed can be purchased as a self-managed product or a cloud-based, managed service. We are guided by customer feedback and have ensured that both delivery options provide the exact same functionality. You will always have a fully featured client, no matter what option you choose.

Zedmed On-Premise

Purchased per practitioner as a subscription and deployed on-premise. Your Zedmed server is installed on local hardware that is owned and maintained by the practice.

Zedmed Cloud

Purchased per user as a subscription and includes Zedmed as a Service (SaaS) for the whole practice. Your server’s database is hosted in the cloud and maintained for you by Zedmed.
Zedmed Cloud supports the exact same features as Zedmed On-Premise because the same fully featured client is used. This gives you the best of both worlds – all the functionality of a local install with the advantages of cloud delivery.